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Methodically. Systematically.

We do plenty of research to get to Know your customers. So we can Find them where ever they spend time online. And Engage them with the right message to Convert visitors into customers.

We believe your website is the single most important tool at your business’s disposal. But in order for it to work to your advantage, there are two critical components necessary for success:

  • First, people have to find it.
  • Then, they have to spend time on it.

We call these important steps Acquisition and Engagement, and by focusing on each separately we help our clients gain new customers and keep them coming back.

Through SEM, SEO, Display Ads, and Landing Pages that speak to these first time visitors we bring new visitors to the site and help convert them into customers.

But we know visitors may not convert on their first visit and that a key component to profitability it getting existing customers to purchase again. So we optimize content and improve site usability so visitors can find what they are looking for and complete their tasks easily. And email marketing and social media keep customers engaged and coming back.


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"They know more about how people find and buy what they are looking for on the Internet than anyone I have ever encountered before. My experience with Imerex continues to teach me new things every day, and the ROI on my marketing dollars has improved at an astonishing rate." Learn More

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