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Buttoned Up Inc. Hires Imerex Strategic Digital Marketing to Spearhead their Online Marketing Efforts


SARASOTA, Fla., January 6, 2010- Buttoned Up Inc., a company dedicated to helping modern day women lead organized lives, has hired Imerex Strategic Digital Marketing to lend their expertise to the company’s online marketing efforts .

Officially launched in 2004, Buttoned Up, Inc. has grown into an organizational empire. In addition to a presence in retail stores, Buttoned Up, Inc. has a loyal online following. The company’s blog, Get Buttoned Up, offers practical tips, articles and online support to help women create an organized life.

“Our online community is a huge component of our business,” says Sarah Welch, co-founder of Buttoned Up, Inc. “We quickly realized that we need to enlist our own organizational gurus to maximize our online presence. Imerex was our first choice.”

As a company that works intimately with online companies, Imerex has closely followed the success of Buttoned Up, Inc. “We have had the pleasure of watching Buttoned Up, Inc. grow as a business and it pleases us to be able to assist them in achieving still greater success,” says Roxanne Lott, Managing Director at Imerex.

“Our partnership with Imerex could not have come at a more perfect time in our growth cycle. By strengthening our online strategy, we solidify our place in the market” says Welch.


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