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eBay Classifieds Hires Imerex, Inc. to Assist with Audit of Current Search Engine Optimization Strategy.


New York, NY- eBay Classifieds, one of the largest free online classifieds sites, recently recruited the expertise of Imerex, Inc. to review and audit their current search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. eBay Classifieds lists hundreds of thousands of items for sale including cars, pets, jobs and miscellaneous home items. With over one million unique visitors per month and over 150,000 posted ads per month, eBay Classifieds sought an expert opinion to ensure their SEO strategy was producing optimum results.

eBay Classifieds approached Imerex for an audit of their current search engine optimization strategy, citing the need for an outside perspective and a detailed look into the effectiveness of their online marketing. eBay Classifieds, in order to guarantee best results, asked for an interpretation of the current SEO findings and requested that Imerex seek out any need for improvement.

“It is always a great opportunity to work with such an established brand name like eBay,” says Robert Cassese, Managing Director at Imerex. “Even more is what the opportunity says for Imerex. When a site like eBay Classifieds puts their trust in our SEO expertise, it speaks volumes to our work and the standards we are committed to in the digital marketing field.”

Since its launch, eBay Classifieds has generated more than one billion page views, more than three per every person living in the United States. “When it comes to search engine optimization, those numbers are staggering” says Cassese. “An SEO strategy working at optimum levels can result in substantial gains for their bottom line. We want to help eBay Classifieds achieve best results. ”

Imerex, Inc. is a digital marketing firm that focuses on a digital strategy combining user research and a strategic approach to online marketing. Imerex specializes in search engine optimization, search engine marketing and services a wide range of regional and national clients.


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