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Imerex, Inc. Relocates its Headquarters to New York


New York, NY— Imerex, Inc., a strategic digital marketing firm based in Sarasota, Florida recently relocated its headquarters to Manhattan, New York. The new Imerex office, which opened its doors on October 18, is located in the heart of Times Square at 1501 Broadway Avenue.

“We are thrilled to be here in the Big Apple,” says Roxanne Lott, Managing Director of Imerex and bona fide New Yorker. Lott, an industry veteran, began her career in New York and knew that Imerex would one day benefit from being in the economic hub that is Manhattan. “Moving here was always part of our business plan, we just had to reach a certain level of growth before proceeding with the move.”

Imerex began as a small business operation in late 2007 and opened its Sarasota office in early 2008. Since then, Imerex has provided a variety of national and regional clients with digital marketing services including online marketing, pay-per-click management and search engine optimization.

“Imerex began during the recession,” recalls Lott. “During that time, it was difficult to determine our rate of growth and exactly how much business we would earn.” Much to the delight of the Imerex senior staff and its employees, Imerex demonstrated positive growth during its first year, even in the economic downturn. Since that time, the online marketing firm has slowly gained momentum, collecting new clients and larger projects.

Imerex moved its offices in mid-September, according to the plan set by Lott and her business partner, and opened its doors one month later in the heart of Times Square. “This move is a natural progression for a firm like ours” says Lott. “We are now in the economic epicenter of the United States and this is exactly where we need to be.”



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