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Pringo Networks Partners with Imerex to Provide Clients with Advanced Online Marketing Solutions for Social Networks


LOS ANGELES, CA, August 12, 2008 – Pringo Networks, creator of private-label social networking software, announced today its new partnership with Imerex, Inc., a full-service online marketing firm, that will enable its social network clients to identify, target and enroll prospective community members prior to launch, build the strength, size and awareness of their communities on an ongoing basis and monetize their sites through Imerex’s proprietary online marketing techniques.

Imerex develops and manages strategic online marketing campaigns, created and executed with Internet user behavior at its core, for a variety of business-to-consumer, business-to-business and social media clients. The Imerex closed-loop, iterative process integrates web site usability, search engine marketing, search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization to build brand equity and achieve a greater return on investment.

“Imerex will provide a valuable resource for our clients as one of the greatest challenges of social networks is the ability to identify where prospective community members are online and to market your network in the most effective and impactful manner possible, particularly prior to launch,” said Majid Abai, chief executive officer of Pringo Networks. “We have worked with Imerex in the past and find that its focus on brand building through targeted, strategic online marketing can help our clients better monetize their online social networks while continuing to build and grow their communities and, by extension, their brands.”

Pringo builds dynamic social networks for mid- to large-size brands using state-of-the-art social networking software and an extensive application library. As marketers become increasingly aware of the impact an online outreach can make with a brand's fan base, companies are using Pringo's expertise and quick turnaround time to integrate Web 2.0 into their overall marketing strategy. The partnerships that Pringo has foraged gives brands an extra advantage over competitors in the multitude of options that are available to satisfy their community members.

“We are very excited to partner with Pringo in helping its clients launch, expand and better monetize their social networks while also building their brands online,” said George Stolpe, head of business development at Imerex. “Pringo has established itself as a leader in private label social networks through its proven, superior social media technology and we are eager to bring our expertise to bear in helping their clients maximize and monetize what is already an industry leading networking platform.”


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