We set out to generate targeted leads to help a newly developed technology firm disrupt the highly lucrative corrosion resistant coatings industry. This new technological development needed to reach highly specialized executives in the Energy (Oil & Gas), Paper and Pulp, and Infrastructure industries on a global scale.


Our tactic was to optimize the website for organic traffic. While their competitive set included some of the largest, most well-known companies in the world, those companies had not yet taken advantage of SEO and set themselves up for lead generation through their websites. This left an opening in the online marketplace for a new entry to gain a foothold.

We ran ads targeted by industry, with specific messaging speaking to the pain points for that industry.

Those who viewed multiple pages on the site and showed real engagement were retargeted. This allowed the new company to run ads on large publishers such as WSJ.com, and NewYorkTimes.com, making the company seem much larger than it was.


Lead generation from fortune 100 companies – all in the exact target markets the company was seeking to do business – was so successful that ads were periodically paused to allow the sales team to catch up.


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