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We create and implement focused SEM strategies and provide the most useful website experience to your potential customers. This is what separates highly profitable websites from ones that merely function (or dazzle without generating revenue).

We get to know your company and your brand. Yes, a lot of agencies will claim they get to know your business. But we take it further. How? The old-school way.

Where other firms will talk with you and 'get to know your business' and then run keyword reports to get started; at Imerex we sit with you and get to know your business too. Then, we'll go out into the field.

  • We've spent days at stores watching customers interact with our clients' products. We take notes on their in-store sales process so we can translate that for online success. What questions were repeatedly being asked of in-store sales people? If they're asking while they're standing in front of the product, you can be sure those same questions need to be answered on-line.
  • We've spent time sitting in internal sales meetings, listening to the front line sales people go over their sales cycle and the hurdles they face when dealing with a business prospect, so we can create a website that supports them and moves their prospects further along the funnel. Listening. That's critical. And when we're done we create a website experience that gets them qualified leads that are much further along in their decision making process.

How many other SEM firms can say they do all of that? Very few, if any.

We don't use technology to lead the way. Don't get us wrong, technology is awesome and our business wouldn't exist without it (thanks, Google). But unlike most SEM firms that hire employees to "use their technology" to get the job done, we have technology to support us and our thinking, not the other way around. We show clients how brains and strategy trump technology and "proprietary" software that help automate the SEM process (and most of the time, once you get under the hood, you realize it isn't all that proprietary anyway).

And of course, all of this great work and thinking needs insightful, actionable, reporting. We create custom reports for each and every client. We want clients to learn through this process. Learn what's working, what isn't and what we need to change to improve performance.

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