Who We Are

We are search engine marketing specialists. We work with companies big and small who know that there has to be more to search engine marketing than what they've experienced, but don't know what to do about it.

We work with clients who've tried it in-house. They've hired other agencies. They've brought in SEO experts. And yet, they just aren't getting a return. Or at least, the kind of return they know in their gut should be possible.

We specialize in figuring out how you need to communicate your business to users who get to your site from search engines. It's not all about algorithms, technology and proprietary software. It's about people. And while we may be using computers to put your business in front of them, we never lose site of the fact that people are on other side of that web based communication.

Our clients will tell you we are their very experienced online marketing department, their consultants, their analytics group, and their go to people for "all things website" related.

For clients that believe in the potential power of their website but need help getting the performance they know is possible, we are the perfect match.


Our Philosophy

The real revenue potential of a website is realized by getting it in front of people who have never heard of your business, but are looking for the products or services you offer.

That's why everything we do stems from that core philosophy, whether it is site navigation or layout, content, product images and descriptions or text or display ads, we ask "would someone who has never heard of you understand this quickly? And will it help move them forward in their decision making process?"

Your website can be your best performing sales person. But that means it has to get out there, introduce your business to new potential customers, and speak to them in a way that's relevant to them.


Shoreline Trading

"We initially hired Imerex to better position our website in the search engines. However, in the months that followed, we quickly recognized the breadth of their scope. Imerex excels in creatively harnessing the power of online marketing." Learn More

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