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From Fortune 500 to SMBs, we work with businesses that need better results from their web presence.

Regardless of company size there are marketing directors and companies that need more than bid management. Given the fast moving pace of online marketing, many businesses find themselves needing experts to go beyond implementation and execution of their SEO and SEM campaigns. They want advisors with whom they can discuss their web presence in a variety of ways.

There are many components that make up a successful web presence and understanding them all can be overwhelming.

For small to mid-size businesses, the things to consider can seem infinite:

  • Is our website navigation correct/optimal?
  • Is the usability of our website or email marketing optimal?
  • We have lots of data from Google Analytics, but aren't sure what to look for that helps us make better business decisions. Where should we start?
  • We're growing and are considering a new e-commerce platform, which one is best for our "kind" of business?
  • Are we using the best email service provider for our kind of business?

And that's before you even start thinking about what to do "outside" of your own website to start marketing.

  • We've tried Google AdWords but can't seem to get an ROI. Should we forget about it as an option?
  • Should we use text ads or display ads?
  • Should we use retargeting?
  • How do we know what's really working?
  • Should we create an attribution model?

Bigger businesses have the advantage of having internal resources that SMBs may not. But having more people in-house doesn’t guarantee success any more than being tall guarantees a spot in the NBA. Even the biggest companies sometimes have questions that are best answered with external expert advice and management. Questions like:

  • Is there more useful data we should be getting from AdWords? We get excel charts from our internal team, but can we be learning something from these numbers to help us make better business decisions?
  • We’re getting analytics data, but the code was implemented years ago. How do we know we’re getting clean data?
  • We know Google updates their algorithm. But what do we do to stop our falling rankings?
  • Is there a way to automate some of the large data spread sheets we create (and re-create) every week/month?

The reality is every business can benefit from bringing in experts who spend all day every day immersed in search marketing, usability, SEO and analytics. We can’t get complacent because this is what we do all day, every day, for a broad range of clients.


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